среда, 9 октября 2013 г.

Реалистический романтизм. Художник Чак Пинсон.

On Golden Shores

Love Lifted Me Painting

The Bluebirds' Song

Space for Reflection

The Colors Of Life

The Sweet Garden

New Horizons

Sea Breeze Trail

Drift Away

Above the Fray

The Old Farmhouse

Reflection at Day's End

Reflections on Country Living

Salem House

Afternoon Harvest

Anticipation of the Day Ahead

Simple Country

Steps Off The Appalachian Trail

Stone Terrace Farm

The Way It Used to Be

The Wind Takes You Back

Where Time Moves Slower

Dinner for Two


Secret Place

Sierra River Falls

Steps of Providence

Sunset Overlook

Compassion Chapel


Friday Evening Summer

Forever in Love

Historical Mystics

The Bridge of Triumph

The Governor's Party

Faith Runs Deep

Hope Runs Deep

Christmas Eve

Country Holidays

Country Holidays

Love Runs Deep

Skating by Twilight

Sledding to Town

Snowed In

Winter at Sierra River Falls

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